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My name is Sarah i am 18 years old, I am on birth control and been on it for 5 years, i have never had a early period but now im having it 2 weeks early.... I took a home pregnancy test and it said negative. Am i supposed to wait untill i stop bleeding to take the test or will it not infect it? Do you think that and early period means that your pregnant or just your hormones? please help


Heres the deal on home pregnancy tests, BLEEDING makes no difference, if you are pregnant, and you do not take the test too early, then it willbe accurate.

MOST bleeding on birth control pills happens for a FEW reasons:
1) Antibiotics- They reduce the effectivenes of birth control pills
2)herbal supplement SAINT JOHNS wort

MOST likely you are bleeding because of a fluke, it happens in many women, and most women will have at least one time where they bleed unusually.

A PREGNANCY test is only accurate about 4 days before a period is due, YOUR BLEEDING IS NOT A PERIOD.

ANY bleeding on birth control pills that is not during the "PERIOD WEEK" IS CALLED BREAKTHORUGH BLEEDING.