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my fiance and i are not trying to get pregnant, but we have already decided that if it happens we'll be more than okay with it. i am not on any form of birth control besides condoms. on november 24th or 25th we had brief unprotected sex, and he pulled out and finished off in the bathroom. on november 26th i started my "period". it wasn't heavy, but i also wouldn't call it "normal" or "light". i'm not sure of the exact date i finished, but i'm sure it was before december 3rd. since then, i have been experiencing some symptoms like cramping, lower back pain, nausea, headaches and "metal mouth". i'm sure some pre-cum made it in me, because my boyfriend said he was about to cum before he stopped. my average cycle is 30 days long, so i should be expecting my period around christmas. my question is: do you think there is a possibility i could be pregnant despite the fact that i had my "period" the day or two after we had sex? and will december 23rd be too soon to get an acurate test result with First Response?


There is a possiblility with the symptoms you have discribed.

With pregnancy tests it depends on how high your HCG levels are and everyone is different. I tested with First response on the day my period was due and it came up but it was very very very faint, but adding to that, I didnt have any symptoms until around 8 weeks when I started feeling sick and crappy for a while. I didnt feel pregnant at all and was worrying that I would miscarry, I didnt though and have a beautiful bouncing 17 month old son who keeps me on my toes.

What I would do is take the test and go and have a chat to the doctor and tell him what your experiencing and describe the "period" you have had.