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Hi Peep's.

My girlfriend broke up with her ex boyfriend on the 5th of December 2007.They had unprotected sex before they broke up but not after they broker up.

We got together on the 21st of December 2007 and had unprotected sex on the 22nd of December 2007 and ever since.I did not ejaculate in her i pulled out and went back in if that makes sence.Her period was supposed to be on the 23rd -25th of December.She missed her period.On the 8 of January 2008 she started feeling nauseaus the next day she did a home pregnancy test and it tested positive,we also went to a doctor and he also tested positive.

Could the child be mine ? Is it poisble that she could have gotten pregnant 2 days before her period and miss the period ?

Or is it the ex boyfriends ?


First of all coitus interuptus, the method of "pulling" out is NOT THE SAME AS PROTECTION. Because she would be starting the process of her period during that week it is highly likely the kid is yours.

However, because she tested positive for a home pregnancy test it would not be unreasonable for it to be either you or the previous boyfriend.

If you get to her Doctor soon enough he can run a Quantitative HCG test to see just how pregnant she is.


So it would be possible then for her to miss her period if we had sex 2 days before it would have started ?

She did the home pregnancy test on the 9th of January and the 12th of January we went to the Doctor and he did a uren test and it tested positive.Wouldnt the home pregancy test test positive or have a acurate reading that early ?


Well she can miss her period and not be pregnant.

You did a Qualitative HCG and it showed positive.

A QUANTitative HCG will give a number and that number should be able to tell the doctor how far along in her pregnancy she is.

Now because the two events were so close I'm not really sure if you will ever find out who the father is.

What you need to be thinking of now is that she IS pregnant. Are you willing and able to provide care for her and the child? Legally speaking it does not matter who the biological father is---in the eyes of the law the father is the one who provides care.


Jip that i know,well she missed her period in December and she missed her period in January,her breast are getting bigger and she has had morning sickness since the 8 of January.

Well when we went to the Doctor on the 12 of January he asked us when her last period was and when her next one should have been.He then had a look at a calander and estimated 6 -7 weeks.I dont trust this as he only asked 2 questions and looked at a calander without doing tests first and then made a call.I could be dumb or stupid this is a more delecate senario.When he was finished asking questions he did a uaren test that only confirmed that she was pregnant,and not givin a score like you explained.So i presume it is not a HCG that he did.Sorry im new in this and trying to learn as much as possible.

Well the only thing we need to establish is did conception take place before the 5th of December or after the 22nd December.In between these dates there cant be anything.

Yes i have though of this and i am supporting her no matter who the father is.She has taken the word of the doctor and believes its the ex's child.Obviously the father wants part in the childs live.She on the other had does not want to get back with the ex and wants to stay with me,but she wants to do the right thing for the child and let the ex see the child.

We have a gynie apointment the 11th of Feb for the first time,will he be able to pin point the exact date of conception ?