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I have been on my birth control pills for a few years now and take them regularly and as prescribed. My cycle is 28 days and last menstrural period started 01/04/07. I have a healthy sex life with my boyfriend and we have intercourse regularly.

We did have sex around my most fertile days and since have been experiencing many symptoms which are described as those of pregnancy. i have experienced the following symptoms:

Frequent urination (i rarely need the toilet normally lol)
Lower abdominal cramps (menstrural like but lighter)
Breast tenderness
Lower back pain
Metallic taste in mouth
Have gone off foods i love (so soon?!)

I am aware that your body sometimes mimics pregnancy especially around your period but it hink some of these symptoms can not be faked.

As yet i have not missed my next period, as it is not due for a few days, however i did take a test due to curiosity and seeing that one brand boasts being able to read positive upto 4 days prior to your due date, but it came back negative.

If anyone has any ideas it will be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks! :?


Hi, my last period was on the 26th february. I usually get my period on the 15th or 25th of the month. I had “sex” for the first time with my boyfriend on 22nd march. He wore a condom, he went inside of me a little bit and he didnt cum in me with the condom on. It only lasted about few seconds. After 7 days, i got a dark reddish patch on my panties thinking it was the start of my period. But it wasnt, it was just that 1 patch and that was it. Today, 24th april, i have yet to get my period... ohya, my period is inregular. could i be pregnant?