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When you find that you have a change in the frequency of your burping and stool production, it is no surprise that patients can become quite alarmed with these symptoms. Not only can they be a sign of embarrassment for a person but it can also suggest that there is a more pressing medical matter that must be addressed. I'll go over some of the most likely changes that could explain why you have these changes. 

The first and more likely cause of having a change in your burping or your stools would be due to the diet that you are eating. Foods that are fatty or large quantities of dairy are able to change the intestinal flora of the gut. When these microbes are altered, your body is not able to digest foods as effectively as before and bizarre and foreign smells may ensue. The best way to try to regulate this problem would be to limit the portion of heavy foods that you are eating

Another useful tip would be to monitor the time of day that you are eating these meals. Typically, burping can be a side effect of gastric reflux. When you eat a large meal and immediately lie down on the couch or bed, these gastric acids you produce as you digest the food can regurgitate back into your esophagus and cause not only a metallic taste in your mouth but also an increasing amount of gas that you burp out. This is more likely if you are obese. 

Another reason that you may have oaty smelling stools would be from medications that you are taking. Vitamins, supplements, and medications are all great for you in times of distress in order to help you recover from a disease but these drugs come with a long list of side effects on their own. These compounds are able to change the flora of the intestine, as well. When you eat complex carbohydrates, it may be harder for your stomach to digest these types of foods because you will not have the right mixture of bacteria to help you digest it temporarily. As a result, you may have an increased number of yeasts in your intestine that can lead to smells like oatmeal or bread. 

Another potential cause is due to a high-fiber diet. This is a good problem to have and if you are a patient suffering from this problem, you are one of the few that is following a recommended diet that all people should follow. If you are not accustomed to eating these foods, however, your body may take some time to get used to the new diet. Fiber is a very complex material for your body to process and you will need to allow for your intestines to produce the right mix of intestinal bacteria in order to process this food. Until then, you may have an increase in the amount of gas you belch or in the stools you produce. Because oats are a complex grain that will take time for your body to digest, this could be an easy explanation for why you feel you are regurgitating an oaty scent. Just continue following this type of diet and in a few more days, your body will learn to process this food more efficiently. [1]

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