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I did sex with my girfriend on last 14th april. Her last period was on 19th March. Today is 7th may. Still now her period does not start. I used condom. But now i am feeling too much afraid in this situation. I have bought a medicine named GYNAECOSID. But i dont know the rule to take this medicine. Is it a cause of making concive that her period is not starting???
please if anybody help me to ged rid off this problem i'll be thankful to him/her.
If anyone know any name of medicine to solve this problem please inform me.


may i ask how you got the gynaecosid? That medicine is usually used to jump start a woman's period, and yes it can cause miscarriage but its certainly not safe to do this without a doctors supervision.

Since you did use a condom and your date of intercourse wasnt (hopefully) during her peak conception dates (unless something caused her to ovulate late) its unlikely ske is pregnant.....her hormones are probably just out of wack for one reason or another- Either take her to a gyn clinic or doc or give her a few more days to start her period and take a home pregnancy test (3 weeks post last sex act will give you accurate results)
Good luck-
i highly recommend getting her on the birth control pill for future use- after she starts it make sure u use condoms for a minimum of the first 2 weeks as it takes that long for it to be effective