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hello i am a student from a middle class family. My mother has varicose veins and she has a sclerotherapy couple of months ago ( 8 months i think). All her lumpy and hard blood clothes have dissapeared but she sometimes complains of leg pain if she stands for longer period of time. The skin where the solution was injected is discoloured. Is it normal. My mum works in a factory which requires her to stand fo longer period of time and complains of have leg pains in the treated area. She stands for 11 hours, is this causing her the leg pain. I have asked her to leave the job and just do the house hold works, but she she never listen. my mum has to support my family as my dad,s salary is not enugh? I have completed my a levels and have now left my studies so, that I could work full time and support my dad threfire my mum could rest. Can anyone pls help me........???

as my mums require a long hour of standing is it causing her leg pain. Will she be okay if she leaves her job and just sit at home? Do varicose veins get complicated..Is it going to harm my mother. I am very depressed, I luv my mother very much and I never to wish to loose her. Pls help? :cry:


Hi there! My uncle had the varicose vein operation too, his doctor told him that mobility is important as it improves recovery time and reduces pain within the legs. He told him also that he should walk for four fifteen minute periods in the day. So he was supposed to move continuously for fifteen minutes during this time. A patient should be able to return to any heavy job within four weeks. As for the complications he didn't have any. I read that complications are rare and rarely serious. Infection is a rare problem and settles down with antibiotics in a week or two. I understand your concern, but if your mother don't have any complaints or pains she should be able to work normally. But if she has any complaints she should contact her doctor.