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HI, i am a young Tibetan boy. My mother is a 52 year old and she has had varicose veins for almost six years. She does lots of work in the fields, which is to bring river water to the fields. So she was wading across the water in the fields all the time this period of every summer. And all of sudden her veins in her calves breaks and blood gush out. Soemtimes she goes to the remote woodcovered place where she fetch firewoods, but because she walked a long way, then the veins in her calves bleeds. Now, my father stops her doing all this heavy work, But still she suffer from pain and sometimes can hardly stand on feet. Last week, she even lost her consciousness.


varicose veins are blood vessel. most of we can found it on a face or leg. it can be in a red,blue or black. it is same as spider veins. when spider when become in a large space on skin then it known as spider veins.

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