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Hi!I was wondering if anyone could explain this.-My right leg is feeling like its vibrating when I sit on a chair and I freaked out like ''Woah,what??''.I was really worried sick if theres anything in my leg because it really feels so weird.It keeps vibrating like non stop.I'm only 15 years old and I wanted to tell my mom about it to see a doctor but she might said that there's nothing to worried about.But I will tell her soon.So I google about ''Vibrating Leg'' but I don't quite seem to understand about it.Mostly theres a lot of science language like lesions,MS,MRI,EMG, Neuropathy and others which I have no idea what they are talking about..!And I've read some sites that say it is caused because of too much coffee,workouts or stress.

1.I don't drink coffee.(NEVER IN MY LIFE) 

2.I don't do workouts.Well not in the gym.Okay,maybe a little....But I only ride horses (trot & canter) and thats only for an hour on every saturday and sunday only.

3.Since its school holiday in my county for a month,I didn't do much.I only sleep,read books,eat balance diet and play computer games.

4.I don't think that I'm that stressed.The only thing that I'm worried is my exam results but not really stress about it like dying or something.


So I was hoping if anyone could help explain this to me.Thank you :)


Maybe if you get in the bath and open your legs and let the water go in there make sure its a nice temperature because it might burn or hurt you if its too hot, basically just make sure its a temp that fits you. Its an easy way to do it and it safe.