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Me and my girlfriend had a sexual intercourse a month ago but we didn’t reach the climax and she is no more a virgin. She bleeded for a few days and she is ok now and had her periods this month. She is weak and she always has irregular periods. Now we want to have safe sex ( using condoms ) again. Will she have her periods after that or will they stop? Because she was scared that her periods will stop after intercourse. Please help as we want to enjoy safe sex. When do periods stop, When she is Pregnant?


Hey there... Periods come and go for a number of reasons; nutrition, stress, AND pregnancy are among a few reasons why this would happen. If she only had one light period and now is not having any, she will want to check to see if she's preganant. If she has continued to have periods, she really doesn't need to worry about being pregnant.

Definitely look into your options and consider how ready you are for a kid and what your life would be like with one. Think hard on this as it's a "forever" thing and not to be taken lightly.

Take care,