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i have a question… my girlfriend and i having sex a month ago and by that time(i dont know she had her period while having sex.. and now she got a white discharge little2x, but she haven’t got her period this 1month and 2 weeks.. whats the problem.she haven’t got her period yet??is she pregnant?but she try 2 do Pregnancy test N BLOODtest stil the result so confused~~wat she need 2 do now?can u`


Having sex can lead to pregnancy in case if you didn't know! That is ironical of course, but if you want to avoid pregnancy use protection and avoid intercourse during your gf ovulation days. Track it and everything will be much easier.

It is not like that you can get pregnant every day!

Delayed period reasons can vary from person to another.

Sure, pregnancy tests will remove some possible suspicions again and you should go with her to visit the doctor again, but also you should go forward to find the reasons why her period is late.

Stress,birth control pills, some infections can be a reason for this as well.