Hi I'm 19 years old and 20 in two days I'm with my boyfriend a year and half now and no we don't have any STD's or that we're each other's firsts. I was just wondering I'm on yasminelle for about 5 years now because of my periods at first and now for birth control. We use condoms always when having sex and I am a freak about taking my pill, I take it at half 9 each night maybe a few minutes later sometimes. I was up in his house there on the 21st of May. The first week of my next pack in the pill. We decided to try sex without a condom because I suffer so bad from UTI's and we didn't know if it was the condom causing this. We had sex for I'd say less then one minute tops because I got scared ha I know weird but sure haha so he obviously didn't ejaculate. I have been taking my pill religiously since then and have had no vomitting or diarheoa I'm also not on any antibiotics now. I've just been experincing constipation since I came home from a week stay in his, but could be from his mam over feeding me I wouldn't be use to that amount of food, that has stopped now and I'm getting this yellowish/cream coloured discharge on my Knicks the past few days. I never notice my discharge anyway but I'm on high alert since we did that in his. There is slight itching there and some tenderness when I touch my vagina. Would just like to know am I ok ? Is this normal ? And i won't be having sex without a condom again because I'm just not ready for that step yet.