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 this is what happen me and my partner we were playing around he fingered me and i gave him a hand job and we got under the covers and took off our pants and started he just rubbing it outside my vagina then he got his penis in me and because i am a virgin he couldnt get it in the full way but he had just the knob in then he had to pull out because he had to cum but just as he pulled out i could feel something running down my vagina i dont know if it was cum but i think it might have been :/ as soon as i put on my pants i went to the toilet could that prevent the pregnancy if he did come inside me ?
please help me is it possible i could be pregnant ?
( he didnt have a condom on & im not on the pill )
also because he got his knob in am i not a virgin anymore ?
& yes i am legal age !! 


Hi there,

A simple definition is: penetration=sex.  So, no you are not a virgin anymore.  Do not feel bad, for most women our first times are slightly awkward and incomplete feeling like...Is this what sex is!?  Don't worry it will get better with time and practice.  

Now, if there was a foreign substance dripping from your vagina and it didn't come from you most likely it is semen from him, in which case yes you could be get pregnant.  I've heard stories from a few young women have gotten pregnant from just the tip or head of the penis being inside of them.  Using the bathroom after sex has not been proven to prevent pregnancy, but it has been proven to prevent UTI's. 

The best thing you can do right now to prevent a possible pregnancy if it has been less than 72 hours is to find your local pharmacy and get the morning after pill.  You say you are of legal age, then all you need is to show your ID at the pharmacy. If for any reason you can't get the morning after pill at your pharmacy, you should find a local clinic which will usually give you the pill for little or no money.

Whether or not you choose to become sexually active after this incident it is your choice.  You could go back to being celibate and think things through or you could continue to explore sexually.  If you do continue to have sex you must get on birth control and your partner should be using a condom every time.  I hope this helps!

All the best! 


Thank You so much for your reply ,this happen about three weeks ago so the morning after pill doesnt really help how far along do i have o be until a pregnancy test will show anything ? 
Thank you so so much this information is great thanks for your help (: