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It may come as a surprise to many of you that our health care system is appalling. We spend more money per capita on health care than any other country in the world. We produce over half the world's drugs and consume just as much.

Isn't it funny then that we rank 37th in the world for health care (World Health Organization) and 70th in the world for overall health.  So if western medicine has all the answers, and drugs are the key, then why are we doing it so poorly?

"Feel ill take a pill" has become the anthem for today's doctors. But when you look at some of the top 300 prescriptions for 2005 it becomes apparent that doctors are creating medical drug addicts.
Back in the 70's to escape reality we had Mommy's Little Helper - Valium.  Today we have Paxil #1, Lexapro #2, Xanex #4, Zoloft #12, Wellbutrin #19, and Prozac #43.  Valium is still popular at #41.
So it appears that people have just gotten more and more depressed.  Or is it just that people would rather pop a pill than take responsibility for their lives and change what needs to be changed?

If depression won't kill you perhaps pain will.  Hydrocodone was #3, Tramadol #5, Vicodin #6, Lyrica #7, Oxycodone #8, and Percocet #12.
Guess what?  Each and every one of these drugs are addictive and have nasty side effects and have the potential for serious withdrawl symptoms.  So while doctors, licensed pushers, are busy destroying your health, your central nervous system, organs, and your God given spirit, pharmaceutical company's are introducing more and more drugs to combat the side effects of the drugs already out there.

So while a doctor gets memberships to golf clubs, trips, money, or entertainment for writing a prescription, the street drug pusher gets 20 years in prison.  Now that's an oxymoron!

Ok, we now see that the majority of prescriptions filled in 2005 were related to depression and pain.  But it's not just pain and the blues contributing to our sick society. 
3.36 Billion, yes BILLION total prescriptions were filled in 2005!  All the while drug companies are laughing  to the bank!
It has been estimated that every man, woman, and child in this country downs 11 prescriptions annually.
My family does not take any pharmaceutical medication so I would like to know who is getting our additional 44! 

On average, for new patients coming into my office, I see 17 different drugs listed on intake forms.  The record is 27 by a couple on MediCal, able to work, but choose not to.  I wouldn't want to work either if the state paid me to stay high and home.

When are you going to wake up and realize drugs are not the answer to poor health?  They are actually responsible for a significant number of deaths each and every year.  Like in the neighborhood of 125,000 with another 1.5 million American's being injured by pharmaceuticals.

The problem with our health today, in my opinion, is due in part to the increasingly fast pace of technology, our atrocious food supply including the fast food industry, our stressful lifestyles, demands by our kids and one last bit of cranial matter, laziness! 
People are to lazy to eat a low glycemic diet, to lazy to investigate new nutritional technologies such as Glyconutrients, phytonutrients, phytosterols, anti-oxidants, and whole food sourced multi vitamins and minerals.  People want to feel numb to their lives.  They can't take the reality that their life actually sucks and choose to medicate instead of deal with what life has dealt them. 
Everyone has problems folks.  Do you think you have the front row?

Oh ya, I forgot, insurance doesn't pay for good food choices or supplements, or gym memberships, or jogging shoes, or Pilates, or Yoga, or swimming.  AHH, but state governments will pay for you to sit on your fat butt, suck off the system, pop out more kids, and because of your depression, provide you with free drugs!  Wow, what a great system!  No wonder our borders are being invaded!  Everyone wants to be stoned and get paid for doing nothing!

Each and every day I see patients who have no understanding of the fact that they are responsible for their own circumstances and health.  It's to easy to blame a condition that you can't catch in the first place.
Heaven forbid you take back control of your health and JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS.  But let us not forget the pill pushing MD's.  They work in a system that is predicated on praying on unsuspecting, brain washed, legal drug addicts.  They have no concept of health care only disease care.  Heck, the average MD receives less than 25 hours of nutrition in 12 years of schooling so it's no wonder we get what we pay for, drugs!
Oh, that's right, drug company's can't make money on $40 million in research and 12 years of testing unless the drug gets approved by the FDA.
To bad we can't follow the Chinese example of executing our FDA for all the hundreds of thousands they are responsible for killing.