Hi so this is my first time using this! so my bf and i had protected sex on March 25th, and we used a condom and he pulled out and came INSIDE the condom. There were no leaks or tears. We checked. Now, i thought i got my period on the 30th of March, but it was pretty light and only lasted 3 days, but the tampon was kinda full with dark blood i think but i had 0 PMS symptoms at all!! Now my period was supposed to come on April 3rd, but i thought the other thing was my period. So is there anyway i could be pregnant? i’m positive that no sperm got inside but the days line up so perfect for the implantation bleeding, which is 2-3 days before expected period. i took a pregnancy test yesterday and it was negative. I plan to take one friday morning as my official answer, is that too early? pls help i’m stressed and cant be pregnant!!