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With fewer daylight hours and the cold weather keeping us inside, it's easy to become bored beyond belief. Here are some ways to fight those Winter days of boredom!

What a divisive season winter is. As soon as the evening drawn in earlier and the cold starts to cover the days, you either love it or hate it. This can be closely linked to how early in the year you’re prepared to put the heating on. Do you crank it up as soon as the cold snap sets in, or are you like me in that you will wait until you’re three jacks deep and wearing a pair of ski socks before you contemplate turning up the heat? It can be a tough time of year!

As well as the heating situation, you’ve got the aforementioned lighting situation. No sooner has summer ended, then you’re going to be heading to work in the dark and then coming home in the dark. Warm nights aren’t your friend and neither are light nights. Or lack of. It may start to feel fairly claustrophobic and not too fun for a little while, and that’s the way the light winter can affect you. It’s always worth looking out for that. Winter is a season you need to be able to handle well in order to navigate your way through it. They’re the simple facts.

With commuting to work in the darkness and coming back in the same state, it can feel a little bit like hell. Not that much goes on in the winter evenings and that leaves you returning to a house that can often be cold, expressionless and lacking in excitement, while you lack a routine and motivation too. As a writer, myself, it’s sometimes tough to seek out inspiration on glum, gloomy days and seeing as that’s what winter is in the main, I can understand the feeling excellently. What is the answer?

It’s a tough situation to find yourself in and it’s often really tempting to acknowledge your inner bear and hibernate for the winter months until the flowers of spring begin to blossom, but maybe that’s not such a great idea. The thought of wrapping up warm for three months than braving the winter chill is one that is almost overwhelming, but just remember that three months is a long, long time watching Netflix and TV reruns. As soon as you’re out of options, things can start getting pretty lonely, really quick.

Using just one example, the literal dark of outside can sometimes lead to a bit of a negative feeling in you: your own personal darkness. You need to be well prepared for the longest period of the year with ways in which you can approach the winter months. There’s plenty of ways, too. You just need to be creative with your thoughts and acknowledge that you need to be proactive in the way you go about your life. I’m going to give you a look at a few of the types of things I do to thrive during the dullness of December and when I’m fed up in February. Hopefully, these can help you too.

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