Could i be pregnant? I had sex for the very first time March 22nd with my boyfriend and he used a condom he said when he cummed that he pulled out at the same time. Then he went back in with the same condom for a like 1-2 minutes but he was still hard. Later in the day i told him to check the condom for any holes or tears and he said there was none, we had protected sex the next day as welol but he didn’t cum at all, again we checked for any holes or tears and there were none. We haven’t had sex since then. I have a period tracker app on my phone and it said i was supposed to get my period Yesteday and i didn’t and i still haven’t gotten it today i know that’s only 2 days late but i’m still worried. Also on the app is shows days when your most likely to get pregnant and the two days we had sex there was a low chance of getting pregnant. I also googled stuff and some people have said after their first time their period is usually late and stressing about being pregnant your period will be late. I’m just worried that somehow cum got on the outside of the condom or we didn’t check good enough for holes, please help, i’m only 17 and very worried. Thanks!