first off, let me just say that I am NOT pregnant. I am not sexually active. okay, so I knew I was going to get my period at any moment this month. i was having normal pms symptoms such as light cramping. the day my period was supposed to come, I woke up around 5 in the morning with excruciating cramps. the pain was so bad that I was shaking and sweating. I also felt a burning pain in my lower abdomen. I went to the bathroom to check, no period. so I took midol and fell asleep. later in the evening, I started to have spotting. it was very light. it eventually started to turn redder and redder and got heavier. ( usually I never have spotting, my period just starts heavy ) I had a fairly heavy period for the next 2 days. on the evening of the 2nd day, my period just stopped. now I have brown spotting. my period is always regular and lasts about 6-7 days, what could this be? please help. also, I am 18 years old.