I've never been 3 days late on my period but this time I was. when it finally came I went semi-heavy for exactly two days. the third day I was dry for practically the whole day until bedtime, then there was some brown spotting..very light and it has been brown spotting in my panties. I didn't consider pregnancy because I thought it was just thanksgiving because I was overeating because that's what the gluttons do lol. but my cousin and sister noticed I ate a bit too much. so when i began feeling nauseated feeling like i had to throw up (but nothing ever came up) i thought it was due to me being greedy.

I also began cramping so bad before my weird period actually started (but I just contributed it to me being about to menstruate). but i was in total pain (usually not that debilitating like it was) so i ended up taking a midol on top of a motrin (the motrin wasn't helping). Not long after, I became EXTREMELY sleeping and ended up napping. I rarely take naps unless i'm dog tired or sick. but still i just thought it was the midol until i asked my sis later if midol makes you sleepy and she told me no. After the initial bloating and fatigue, it became ritual for the entire thanksgiving week and by the time sunday (yesterday) came, I was having massive headaches that i could not take accompanying the other things i felt.

i bought a pt and it was negative...the encounter with my bf was like 2 and a half weeks ago. my breasts did get unusually painful right before this weird period began but never again hurt.

idk if i'm pregnant or not but this period that is only 2 days long with this random mysterious spotting has NEVER happened.. i have another pt for when like more time passes by...but someone help? has anyone else experienced this? what does this mean? is this normal? or am i just weird? i truly think i was just being very greedy during thanksgiving but i have no excuse for the other symptoms. by the way, i feel nearly normal at this point in time...maybe sleepy (but it's raining and i get sluggish when it rains..so i really am unable to put a finger on if these "symptoms" i'm having are legit or not because of the holidays, my period symptoms,and the weather...so that's why i need help. and i'm sure i took the pt way too early..)

if i am, i'm excited, but i would like to know..there's so many gray areas around my conditions that i'm confused lol