So my period was due on 17th July. I was on holiday in Portugal and throughout the whole holiday I had PMS symptoms LIKE tender heavy boobs, mild cramping. Then on the last day of the holiday which was 12th July I started spotting ( 5 days before AF was due). I only noticed when I went toilet and wiped, sorry for the tmi! It was like pink watery spotting, not dark red. The next day I wore a pad and spotting was still there but not enough to fill a pad. For the next 2 days it seemed like the spotting was getting a little heavier but it wasn't as heavy as a normal period, there were no clots, it wasn't a dark red and it also only lasted 3 days so in the end I just believed this was my period and it was just different this time. 


On the 3rd day of what I thought was my period I was feeling nauseous at work. The bleeding stopped after the 3/4th day but I was still feeling mild cramps every day. I've had no appetite and I haven't felt fatigue. Now 2 days after the bleeding stopped my boobs are feeling full again and I was spotting when wiping on a tissue this morning. I don't feel like I'm pregnant as I've heard people just know when they're pregnant. The times I've thought I was pregnant before I haven't been so this time I don't want to be driving myself crazy again. Now I'm thinking did I really have a period? And if I did then why am I still having cramps and heavy boobs and spotting. What is going on!? And to note I'm not on any contraception. I came off the pill 2 months ago because I came out a long term relationship.