HELP!! This will be long.

I’m 19, sexually active & not on any BC. My last known period was June 10. I had sex June 23/24 also July 1st, ovulating from June 23-29. My next expected period was July 12, however June 30 a day out was ruined by bloating, bad lower back pain, terrible mood swings, increased discharge & frequent urination. Six days before expected AF & eight days after Ovulation (July 6) I got Cramps & a medium flow, NOT NORMAL!!) after research I came up with implantation bleeding but was confused because the bleeding was too heavy for implantation but too light for my normal periods, different flows (never getting heavy) lasted on & off for four days. That’s when all the pregnancy symptoms started.

July 12 came & no period but pregnancy symptoms, in the 6 years I’ve menstruated I’ve never PMS besides cramps & I’ve only had those a handful of times so I’m calling them pregnancy symptoms & not PMS. I could smell everything, I’ve had darker Areolas, bigger breasts, constipation, nausea without vomiting, hot flashes, extreme hunger/thirst.. the list goes on!! I felt as though I was pregnant because I’m in touch with my body & I’ve never felt this way EVER. I took at least 7 hpt, all negative. So I’m left confused! 15 days after my missed period July 26 I got mild backaches & cramping. Then around 9 pm I started bleeding, which FREAKED me out as I’m knowing there’s a possibility of me being pregnant despite the negative tests, & all I’m thinking is miscarriage?? It started off very light & brown & the next morning I woke up to very dark red filling only half of the pad passing clots. My normal mentruals are bright red & medium flow lasting 5 days & I never spot brown blood before a period as I did the on the 6th & 27th, neither do I cramp or have any other symptom. I’ve thought it was maybe all in my head, the symptoms, but it’s not like I’m tricking my body into feeling like this because I’m not wishing pregnancy I’m just like if I am that’s nice if I’m not whatever. Also before I even began thinking I was pregnant I got what I think was implantation bleeding I mean how could that be physiological??! Now since my second “period” of the month I don’t even feel pregnant anymore.

This morning (July 28th) I called a nurse hotline & got an urgent care appointment the doctors there were NOT a big help at all. She asked about my period I told her everything I’m telling now & she chalked it up to just being irregular despite telling her these “periods” are not normal, from the symptoms to the color. She also recommended a follow up with my PCM, which at this time has no openings to see me. I just want to know what’s going on & if anyone else has been through this what was the outcome. Thanks!