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So my boyfriend doesnt really have to work to get me wet and once i get wet i just stay wet but i dont have an orgasm?


i had sex it was unprotected... on a wednesday around 4 or 5 and he popped my "cherry" so i did bleed but i was still bleeding that night and a little bit the next day and i didnt know what to do so i wiped it all out with a baby wipe.

then i did it again on friday this time he had a condom and i bled alot all over the bed it soaked through my sheets into my mattress

but then i bled a little on sunday but none on sunday

and now its monday and im utterly confused
might i be pregnant?
how do i treat this..
i dont know what to do!!??


i dont think u are going to be haveing a kid from that..
the bleeding is from him poping ur cherry i poped my exs and my x befor that and both bleed for about 4 days its just part ofit


The bleeding is normal. But anytime you have sex without a condom you can will eventually get pregnant. It is playing russian rulette. Did he cum in you when he popped your cherry?