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I’ve been suffering from terrible allergy this year, first it was constantly runny nose with post nasal drip, and now I’m starting to get rashes as well. Since I didn’t have insurance up until last month I couldn’t really do too much about them except use Benadryl which does help, but it’s definitely something you can take on daily basis simply because it’s too expensive.

Now I’m going to get an appointment with my doctor and I’m going to ask for some anti-allergy prescription medication, but I’m just wondering if Allegra will be more effective than Benadryl?



I'm having seasonal allergies every spring and summer and from my experience, Allegra is definitely the better choice, not only because it's cheaper when you get it with prescription, but also because it's enough to take one pill in the morning and be symptom free for the rest of the day.

Benadryl is much more shorter acting and it made me so sleepy and drowsy that I was barely able to do anything, so finally getting Allegra was such a huge improvement. Allegra won't make you sleepy and it's effective.