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I’ve had allergies since I was a kid and I’m 42 now. This spring I made a mistake of trying new laundry detergent and it caused me to break out with very unpleasant itchy rash. I had insurance back then, so getting a prescription for Allegra was easy and the medication worked really well in clearing up my rash.

Like I said, now I don’t have any insurance plan and this rash is back. I’ve been using OTC Benadryl before, but will it work as well as Allegra did? Or is there some other topical antihistamine I might want to look into?



Benadryl topical worked OK for me when I got really bad allergic reaction to the new laundry detergent. It really helped with itching, and I also used Benadryl with pseudo-ephedrine at night for easier sleeping.

The other type of topical creams you might want to look into are over the counter topical steroids - they also work on bringing down the swelling and skin irritation, but of course, depending on how big area you have covered with rash you might want to look into topical steroids side effects, as well.