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My eyes are always watering and I constantly have to wipe my nose because of constant leaking of fluid (go through tons of tissue daily) which does not seem to be the same as when you have a cold. I had brain surgery about 5 years ago to remove a benign tumor and ever since then, this has been happening. Do you think that something they did while in my head has caused this? Is it something else going on? Any help is greatly appreciated. I am worried! Thanks.


Could it be as simple as allergies? Mild allergy symptoms can include:

Itchy, watery eyes and nose

Diagnosing allergies starts with a doctor’s exam. Learn which questions your doctor may ask so you can be prepared. There are lots of allergy treatment options. Over-the-counter and prescription medications can ease annoying symptoms. Allergy shots also help.

You may mention these symptoms to your doctor along with your past surgery and see if there is any correlation, otherwise it's most likely allergies. Anyone else have some information to share?


Thank you so much Brenda. Hope you are right and its something simple. The problem is that although I have allergies, I think this is more than that. My husband is incredulous at the amount of tissue or toilet paper I go through blowing my nose and wiping my eyes. It just seems too severe and has gotten progressively worse over time. Any other responses will be greatly appreciated.


Yeah, it does sound like something else is going on, especially with the amount of toilet paper tissue you are using. Another thing to consider is the possibility of Rhinitis.

Rhinitis literally means inflammation of the nose. These days, most of us refer to rhinitis simply as an allergy that causes incessant sneezing, a frustratingly runny nose, and itchy or watery eyes. Rhinitis can be caused by pretty much anything, from mold spores to cat dander, and can plague people chronically or just during specific seasons. However long your allergy symptoms last, though, they can really zap your energy and enjoyment of life.

Non-allergic rhinitis symptoms are actually very similar to allergic rhinitis symptoms. Though the rhinitis symptoms aren’t serious, they can be very annoying and would try anyone’s patience. Symptoms include:

•constant sneezing
•runny nose
•dry nose or nasal congestion
•post nasal drip
•chronic cough
•itchy, watery, and red eyes
•sinus congestion

Certain medications are recommended for use in non-allergenic rhinitis. Intranasal corticosteroids have proven to effectively reduce symptoms in most sufferers. These are steroid sprays that you simply spray up your nostrils. Topical corticosteroids are also recommended. Daily use of oral antihistamines are not advised for sufferers of non-allergenic rhinitis.

Nasal irrigation is also a good way to get relief from those rhinitis symptoms. Washing out your nose with a salt solution can help to reduce nasal swelling and congestion as well as get rid of excess mucous and nasal crust. Simply combine some warm water with salt and, either using a syringe or WaterPik, spray the water into your nostrils. This can be done numerous times a day.

Hope that helps a little more. Let us know what works and what doesn't and ultimately, what you figure out!


Oh wow!!!!My little boy has this,same story as yoirs,had half his tumour taken out a year ago and ever since his eye and nose streams constabtly.They get sore from constantly leaking!Did they remove all your tumour?


Am going through the same experience too, had same Surgery 19 years ago and Since 3 years now complications started.
The Doctor said they have to go in there to drain the fluid and seal it back. Am waiting no insurance. It's called CSF