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Hello! I have heard for some treating method called Vibrational Therapy. But, I am not sure that I have understood what Vibrational Therapy is. I really hope you will know something more about this treatment and you will inform me. Vibrational Therapy sounds very exotic for me… I am thanking you in advance!


Hello! Vibration therapy is actually treatment which uses vibrations to improve your condition. There are several types of this therapy: Reiki vibrational therapy, magnetic therapy, acutonics Tuning Fork therapy, Drumming vibrational therapy, etc. Vibration therapy will help you to relax and will relief you from stress. I hope this answer was what you were looking for.


Vitafon World


* Improvement of circulation in the arterial blood vessels
The stimulation through microvibrations reduces resistance to the blood flow through the arterial tree (the vascular resistance is reduced), with an optimum frequency for every blood vessel diameter. The smooth muscle cells in the arterial walls are susceptible to the influence of microvibrations, and the stimulation through microvibrations in this manner supports the pushing and contracting ability of the arterial blood vessel.
* Improvement of circulation in the veins
The vein vessels are less elastic than the arteries, and the flow from the periphery towards the heart is maintained due to the vein ventricles. The propellant force is based on the so called hydrodynamic pump. The contraction of skeletal muscles is necessary for the movement of blood in veins against the action of the gravity. The functioning of the hydrodynamic pump does not require full muscular contraction; the stimulation of muscular cells and fibres by microvibrations of small amplitudes is sufficient. This fact is vital in cases of physical inactivity (with older people, for the so called sedentary lifestyle, with difficultly movable and bedridden patients).
* The increase of contact frequency of biological components in the interstitium, due to which the immunological and other biochemical reactions are intensified
* The increase of permeability of endobodies of lymphous capillaries for large lymphoid fractions, which leads to reduction of osmotic pressure in the tissue (antiedemous effect)
* Activation of mechanical receptors (Pacini and Meissner bodies).
This effect results in reduction of pain of muscular skeletal origin.
* Speeding up the filtration processes on membrane level
The most significant field of filtration improvement is on the level of glomerular membrane. Taking into consideration the physiological effects of microvibrations – VITAFON, and on the other side the absence of interactions with bio-molecules of complex biochemical processes, the vibro-acoustic therapy is extremely safe and efficient, with wide area of application.
Indications of VITAFON device
* Osteochondrosis, radiculitis
* Diseases of the joints, arthritis, rheumatoid polyarthritis
* High blood pressure, including that with a renal origin
* Prostatitis
* Impotence
* Adenoma of the prostate gland
* Inflammation of the epididymis
* Infertility due to blockage of the testicular duct as a result of inflammation (deferentitis)
* Cystitis
* Urinary and faecal incontinence
* Chronic colitis
* Chronic pyelonephritis
* Haemorrhoids
* Constipation
* Maxillary sinusitis
* Head cold, running nose
* Tonsillitis, sore throat
* Bronchitis
* Bronchial asthma

* Insomnia
* Inflammation of the middle ear (otitis)
* Neurosensory hearing disorder
* Fractures
* After-effects (sequelae) of spinal injuries
* After-effects (sequelae) of infantile cerebral palsy, flaccid paralysis
* Effects (sequelae) of scoliosis
* Tissue oedema (swelling), haematoma, bruises, boils, carbuncles, acne
* Wounds, surgical incisions
* Sprains, dislocations
* Burns, scalds
* Frostbite, chilblains
* Corns
* Trophic ulcers
* The mouth —periodontitis, stomatitis, parodontosis
* Chronic gastroduodenitis
* Disruptions of the menstrual cycle
* Serous mastitis, lactostasis

and also:

* Cosmetic purposes
* Restoring and developing the voice
* Alleviating fatigue
* In sports training
* Prevention of diseases


* Treatment of malignant tumours
* Pregnancy
* Acting on parts of the body affected by thrombophlebitis
* Acute infectious diseases, high temperature
* Acting in the vicinity of implanted pacemakers.
* Placing the vibraphones in the immediate vicinity of the heart