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Vibroacoustic therapy is based on using devices which emit sounds and vibrations in order to bring some health benefit. One of the commercial devices designed for this purposes is "Vitafon".

Although there is some scientific evidence claiming its effectiveness, there is still a lot of skepticism related to this type of alternative medicine.

Vibroacoustic Therapy Basics

Using audio transducers, vibrations and sounds are applied on different body parts. The mechanism of action of these waves on the human body is unknown, as not much research on this topic has been done so far.

Manufacturers of these devices claim that they provide an inner massage of the body and eliminate pain and other symptoms. Pain relief could be based on an increased local temperature in the treated organ, which stimulates blood flow -- thus improving inflammation. Joint pains are often caused by a lack of joint cartilage, so the vibrations might be mechanical stimuli for cartilage production and regeneration.

Apparently, choosing the right frequency of waves for each part of the body is essential for the treatment to be efficient.

Evidence Of Efficacy

Investigations conducted by electrical stimulation of teeth and skin showed that patients reported less pain when subjected to vibroacoustic therapy. Phantom limb pain was also improved in patients using this therapy. Some studies reported an improvement in chronic pain in more than 50 percent of cases, and reduced use of analgesics even up to a year after treatment. In disabled children with learning difficulties, vibroacoustic therapy is suggested by two case studies as a potential treatment that can improve the quality of life.


Vitafon is a vibroacoustic device designed to apply waves from 20 Hz to 18000 Hz to different parts of the body. Manufacturers of Vitafon claim excellent results in managing rheumatic diseases with improved movement range, pain relief, and disappearance of numbness.

They also state improvements in blood cholesterol levels, by applying vibroacoustic waves on the kidney area. Other disorders Vitafon can help with include cystitis, periodontitis, migraine, and menstrual cycle abnormalities. In cosmetology, Vitafon can be used for treatment of acne and wrinkles. Surgery and traumatology can also benefit from Vitafon, as it reduces postoperative edema, induces regeneration, and accelerates recovery.

Vibroacustic therapy has scientific grounds and it can become one of the non-invasive treatment options for some patients in the future.

While we can safely say that these devices have some effect on the body, and in some cases a positive effect, patients should not see them as a cure-all by any means. It is clear that more research is needed to prove the efficacy and safety of this method. It is therefore recommended that you use your prescribed conventional treatment, and additionally apply vibroacoustic treatment for better results.

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