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Devices and Natural Methods of Vibroacoustic Effect.

Vibroacoustic effect relates to the microvibration effect within an acoustic frequency range (20-18,000Hz) and amplitude of up to 100 microns (usually up to 20 microns). Such an effect is not damaging and is natural for the organism.

Vibroacoustic therapy is one of the most ancient methods of treatment. Baby cries at birth. The cry itself is not needed for initiation of breathing. It even complicates it. On the other hand, the cry creates a powerful vibroacoustic effect and even significantly enhances the blood circulation towards the brain and lungs, quickly compensating hypoxia which usually occurs in the birth process. The importance of baby’s cry is so high that the specialists are seriously discussing the possibility of introducing compulsory vibroacoustic procedures for the newborns with weak cry and other pathological signs of newborns condition.
Therapeutic Mechanism of Microvibration Effect

Metabolism processes in the body occur only when biological substances interact. Therefore, mechanical fluctuation of cells and biological molecules is a prerequisite for the majority of biological and especially immunological reactions. For a reaction to occur, direct convergence of interacting components and their spatial orientation in relation to each other is necessary. Erythrocyte must reach the cell to give it its oxygen. Lymphocyte must join the virus in order to neutralize it etc. The speed of all processes depends on how quickly substances move in body vessels, capillaries and tissues (in intercellular space). Mechanical microoscillations, called microvibrations, both increase the contact rate and provide for biocomponents to change orientation in space and also facilitate their penetration through endothelium fissure and various membranes, i.e. enhance transport of blood cells and biological molecules from capillaries to intersticium and back from intersticium into venous and lymphatic capillaries.

The mechanical oscillations are present in the body owing to both the heart pulse activity (infrasonic frequency) and the vascular and muscle activity (sonic frequencies), as well as to mechanical impact of the environment. Because of the hemodynamic barrier, the pulse oscillations are considerably diminished in the tissue space. Quite often, vascular tonus also becomes diminished for a variety of reasons in the area of pathology and then the energy of its own microvibrations in this area may prove insufficient, causing a chronisation of the pathological process and diminishment of the drug therapy efficiency. In these cases an external microvibration turns out to be virtually mandatory.

Summarizing the developed methods of treatment, the main principle can be formulated to determine the aims of vibroacoustic therapy: vibroacoustic effect accelerates processes directed at achieving homeostasis. The intensity of this effect is more evident with the increasing and prolonged deviation from homeostasis. Moreover, vibroacoustic effect does not change direction of the processes. Homeostasis is maintained by frequent change in process direction close to equilibrium position, therefore after vibroacoustic effect there is no evidence of any considerable effects in healthy tissues.