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My girlfriend and I had sex about a week and a half ago and when I pulled out the condom didn't come with me and we might think that it leaked on to the top of her vagina.... Well we are both worried, I am only 17 and I need to know a way that we can start to tell if she is pregnant or not... She still isn't due for her period for another 8 days... But I can't wait that long, is there any signs that can help me a least determine some sort of conclusion... PLEASE HELP


Hi Guest,

You tried sex with a condom which failed you.  When that happens it is like unprotected sex.  So yes, anytime you have unprotected sex there is a chance that she might be pregnant.  Unfortunately, you will have to wait another week or so for her to do a pregnancy test.  With the test make sure she uses her first pee of the day as it will be a more accurate result at this time.

Hope this helps