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I've recently been feeling a tight feeling.. kinda like ive gained weight.. about a hand space under my belly button.. i've also had cramping feelings in my sides right above my waist bone.. feels like when you've run and drank water right before, those kinda cramps.. there have been flippy feelings in my lower abdomen as well.. i've had sex with my bf for the first time on the 17th of dec. and i got my period the day after and it was totally normal. since then i've had sex a number of times. we ALWAYS used a condom and they've never broken.. i am due for my period soon but i'm irregular about 30-35 days or so. could i be pregnant? could the condom have failed but us not known it? i'm really confused can you please help me!!!


Hi there,

I see that you have posted a long time ago, but for anyone else interested in advice with regards to this question... here goes:

You may not be pregnant. The only way to truly confirm it is to take a pregnancy test. It is just as accurate as any other urine test that you could take at a doctor's office, as it uses the same technology.

Pregnancy tests taken with urine samples are designed to detect human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), a hormone secreted during pregnancy. The levels of hCG are lower in the urine than they are in the blood, so it is best to take the pregnancy test on the day or after the day that you expect your period (by that point, you would be pregnant for about two weeks, and the levels should be high enough to detect in the urine).

If you obtain a positive result, you may not be pregnant, and a negative result also does not mean that you are not pregnant. The tests are fairly accurate, but it is still recommended that you visit a doctor's office. You doctor will take a blood sample to confirm the pregnancy (this is the more accurate technique than urine samples). Levels of hCG are higher in the blood than in the urine.

Also, despite the fact that you are using condoms and that they have never broken, this does not mean that sperm cannot have leaked out of the condom. After ejaculation, you must not continue to have sex. Change the condom IMMEDIATELY, and make sure that this is done in such a way that the sperm does not touch the area surrounding his penis or your vagina. If the sperm lands around or on your vagina, YOU CAN STILL GET PREGNANT.

If you do not change the condom immediately, and continue to have sex, the sperm can be squeezed out at the base of the condom and can get you pregnant. Furthermore, have you been using the condoms correctly? There must always be a space at the tip of the condom to catch the sperm. If there is not a space, the chances of the sperm squeezing out at the base of the condom are higher. Another thing you can do to reduce your chances of pregnancy is to use spermicide with the condom. This comes in a variety of foams and jellies. You may feel a bit of a burning sensation when you first start to use it, but it is not that uncomfortable and fades with time.

Birth control pills are also a good idea, but if you are not too keen on using them, there are still other birth control methods that you can look into. IF YOU ARE TAKING BIRTH CONTROL PILLS: DO NOT take this as a guarantee that you cannot get pregnant. If you forget to take a pill (and then have sex) or take the pill at the wrong time of day your chances of getting pregnant will increase. Sperm can stay alive for up to 72 hours, and if you ovulate in this amount of time, then you can get pregnant.

AND FOR MEN.... I know it might sound like a great idea not to wear a condom when your girlfriend is using birth control pills.... but trust me, do not put the ball in her court as far as pregnancy prevention goes. It is a two way street. If she does not take the pills correctly or (GOD FORBID, BUT THIS HAS HAPPENED) does not take them ON PURPOSE, you're in for trouble. Always always always use a condom!