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Oh this is so embarrassing... Before I get to the condom part, it's a must that I speak of this. I had my first period in the 8th grade, I was 13. it was normal for a while and then it started skipping months. And months turned into years. I had my period 2-4 times my freshman year, and not at all my sophomore year until this Summer in July when it started again. My last period was either July or August of this year. Maybe September. I hadn't had sex any time around there for it to stop. And now that it's december I know I'm not pregnant. There's a chance I may not actually be able to have kids. Yet my mom refuses to take me to the gynecologist. Now onto the actual topic, so sorry for that. A few days ago, I had sex with an ex of mine... We've had sex once before and nothing happened, but this time, something did. When he pulled out, the condom didnt come with him. We didn't know this. He pulled me up off of the bed to hug him goodbye. When I stood, I felt his semen trickle down my leg and onto the floor. But I didn't think much of this until I descovered the used condom, inside of me, and not on him. Is there a chance I might be pregnant? It's scaring the hell out of me and I don't know what to do...


Hi Guest,

Yes you can get pregnant.  Sperm could have leaked from the condom and gotten into your vagina.  Your partner needs to hold the condon on his penis when he withdraws.

On the irregular periods - it's common during adolescence for them to be irregular.  It does not mean you are infertile.  Your diet and exercise patterns can affect your period.

You should see a gynecologist or your doctor at some point for a phyiscal.

Hope it helps.