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I am 14 1/2 years old now. I have most of the symptoms of puberty. (pubic hair, testicular growth, semen production, rapid growing, increased sex drive, lumps under nipples) but my voice has not cracked yet nor do i have armpit hair.

When i talk online people think i am very young, and it annoys me alot. A lot of my friends have had their voice deepen since they were 13. But, when i look to past videos, i sound a lot younger. Still, my voice might've deepened, but nowhere near sounding like a pubescent teen.

Do you think my voice will drop before i become 15? How can i tell if my voice actually dropped? is there any food i can eat to make this happen earlier? Do you recommend any food to increase my testosterone level?


Hi Balerslav,

There is nothing you can do to speed up when your voice will change.  We all develop at our own pace.

Armpit hair often comes in as late as 16 or so.

You are developing normally.

You probably won't even really notice your voice getting deeper, it just "happens" over time and it is difficult to tell without something to compare it to.