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How am I supposed to tell when I've started puberty? I have a little pubic hair and just oddly, my penis gets long and hard, but no semen comes out. Just clear stuff... I am 12 years old


Hi Mike,

You're in puberty.

Pubic hair is one sign.  The clear stuff is another.  When you first start ejaculating it is usually clear and will become more whitish later on.

You're normal.



Hi Mikerockers

Puberty starts a different ages for everyone, and even once you start may not develop, or have the same areas develop in the same way, or at the same rate as a friend or older brother who started at the same age.  As you are 12 you are about the right age for your hormones to start increasing and start puberty.  You mention you have some pubic hair-I assume you mean down below as this can often be the first place it appears, and yes this is a sign puberty is starting.  Over the next few months you will probably see a few more start to appear, and also under your arms and face, again depending on the individual these can take a bit longer to start than the trouser area.  Your voice may start to crack and drop a few pitches mid sentence, this is your voice beginning to break and probably one of the most obvious signs you are experiencing puberty to others as they wont help but notice.  I can't answer too much about your penis because I don't have one eh

The liquid you are describing sounds like pre cum, which carries the sperm through your tubes on it's way out the penis.  It wont be too long before that happens as I said everything develops at different stages for everyone.  If this is any help below it may give you a rough idea on what to expect and when, bearing in mind this does not happen overnight and takes years.


 Age Range 9-12 - average is 10 years of age. Male hormones become active, even if there aren't a lot of outward signs of development.It involves maturing testicles and often a big growth spurt.


 Age Range 9-15 - average age is 12-13 years old.


The testicles and scrotum begin to enlarge, but the size of the penis doesn't increase a lot. Very little - if any - pubic hair begins to grow at the base of the penis while the body grows taller and changes shape.


 Age Range 11-16- average age is 13-14 years old.


During this stage, the penis begins to grow longer, but not wider, while the scrotum and testicles grow. Pubic hair darkens and becomes more coarse and begins to spread toward the legs. Hair around the anus may begin to grow. As the boy increases in height, his body and shape begin to look more adult. The voice may begin to crack.


 11-17 - average age is 14-15 years old.


The penis grows in width and length while the scrotum and testicles continue their growth. Pubic hair grows coarser while underarm and facial hair begins to grow. The skin becomes more oily and a boy may experience his first ejaculation.


 Age Range 14-18 - average age is 16 years of age.


Now the boy is nearing adult height and body shape. His pubic hair and genitals resemble those of an adult as facial and possibly chest hair grows in. He may begin to have to shave his face.

All the time this is going on your moods and emotions will be changing as you get used to the increased amount of testosterone (male hormone) in your system.  I should also mention as your probably aware boy's tend to get erections whilst they sleep, and even ejaculate due to what's known as a 'wet dream'  It's perfectly normal but quite embarrassing if your mom comes in to change your bed that day.  Don't worry about it, this is part of growing up and she will know this too and be expecting it at some point.

I hope this has helped you<3



You have already started puberty. Puberty is a process of development. The semen will come later.


Umm, for me its nothing at all lol, and my voice has gotten deeper already, maybe I might need to go to the docter, nvm!