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Hello. I'm new to this so sorry btw :)

I used to always miss my pills so decided not to take them as I wasn't getting pregnant when I forgot them. I've completely stopped taking them now. I've had unprotected sex at all times of my cycle quite a few times now and I'm still not getting pregnant. I don't understand how I'm not getting pregnant. Was wondering if its just because my cycles can range from 13 days to 28 days or whether I'm infertile. My friend mentioned to me about polycystic ovary syndrome, Wondered if its something like that.

Any advice would be helpful wanted to know what you guys think before I go to the doctors about it.


Hi Cecelia,

How long have you been off your pills?  We don't begin to consider fertility issues until a year has passed without success.

At best, the odds of pregnancy are about 1 in 5.  That's when everything is "perfect."

If it has been a while, you and your partner should see a fertility specialist.  You can expect a complete physical and internal exam, including bloodwork.  Your partner will also have a sperm count performed.  Remember, it's not just you!

Good luck.