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My wife had a bug a few weeks ago (we all caught it, brought home by our 9yr old). We all got better but she got worse. Bad cough that wouldn't go away and a stiff/painful neck. We went to the Dr and he checked her out. He told us to wait a little longer because it may pass. After a few days that pain subsided and her feet began to tingle, like they had fallen asleep. By the following day her fingers felt the same. By that evening her feet and hands were numb. The following day I came home early from work because she was having difficulty walking. I took her to the Doctor (she was unable to walk) who contacted the nearest hospital emergency room. They trasported her to the hospital and drew blood, did a brain scan and a mucus swab (stuck swabs up her nose to test for flu if I remember correctly). They were concerned about a nerve disorder that can occur after a flu. They tested for other disorders and between the original doctor and the hospital took 9 viles to perform tests. Everything came back clean! Her blood pressure is excellent, pulse excellent, no diabetes, no allergies, nothing. However, she's gotten worse! We stayed over night while they gave her fluids but the pain and numbness only got worse. I took her home and don't know if she's worse or if she's fatigued from all she's been through. They want her to go to a nureologist but EVERYTHING I see seems to point to lyme disease!

Here's the kicker. We don't have health insurance. What can I do? The visit we just had will wreck me. I'm beside myself. I'm watching my wife wilt away, we can't cover the bills and there needs to be a diagnosis. Sorry, I'm digressing. Please help me.


Hiya, my names kayla im 19 years old, been like this for a while now and just wondering if anybody can help me as im starting to
get concearned.....

My symptoms;

Muscle cramps, twitches (mainly in my feet, ankles, fingers, wrists, eyes, mouth, stomache, legs, arms and my back.)
I cant really explain the twitches in my stomache and legs they get worse when im nervous, my stomach is like I
have to push my ribs out or push my stomach right out, my back its like i have to randomly stretch them but it hurts all these are everyday things.
i cant walk for more than 200metres without struggling to breathe or tight chest pains, i am not over weight or unfit i am a size 10 weighing 9 stone.
I also cant walk without my back locking or getting these twitches and finding it hard to breathe.
Its ok when im sitting down but i still get twitches in my feet, wrists,legs and arms as if i have to stretch them.
I do suffer from aniexty but the pains in my chest are completley different its like the nerves in my body.
Im constantly tires do suffer from terrible abdominal pains and bloating also constipation im not sure wether thats down to me having
Hashimotos thyroiditis (worse form of underactive thryoid), i am also amnemic.
I am also very hormonal.
Ive reasearched the internet to see what it could be the only thing ive found close to what i seem to have is
neuromuscular system disorder.
I have been to my doctor over the past 6months and they keep fobbing me off saying i have acidity, its aniexty/stress
its much worse than that and its really worrying me as my body just seems to be becoming weak and painful
If anybody suffers from this or anything similar could you get back to me thanks.