I started experiencing tingling in my calves 2 weeks after my Breast Augmentation, now it is from my knees down to my feet, occasional my arm and spots on my face. None of my docs think its related to my surgery. It has now been going on for 10 weeks it isn't painful, doesn't even feel like the pins and needles, just little tingling sensations that are very annoying and worrisome. I had some blood work done( sugar, thyroid, vit b12, anemia) all came back good, still waiting on a few others. My Sed Rate was 18. I had a EMG and it showed slightly abnormal to neuropathy. I am a healthy 28yr female 123lbs, 5.5ft and never had any issues before this. Great Blood Pressure, never been in the hospital for anything besides my kids. The neurologist did other tests in the office like sensory, eye, and other neuro tests all passed with flying colors. Going for a Brain MRI next week. I don't have any other symptoms that I can think of besides occasionally twitches mostly in my legs, a few other spots but its not bad and usually only notice it while I am sitting or lying down (same with the tingling usually when I am sitting/lying down). I feel a little weakness in my knees sometimes but the tests she did showed no signs of weakness. It seems to get worse at night if that makes any sense. Don't think its RLS though. I had never been under anesthesia before my sx could it be something from that??? Any suggestions or opinions in my case would be greatly appreciated.