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Numbness and tingling in your arms and legs could be caused by a number of different sources that can range from something completely innocent to something more pathologic. When you experience these sensations, however, it is best to consult with a physician sooner rather than putting it off because your condition may be something that will only worsen with time. 

One of the most likely possibilities that you may be suffering from would be some type of neuropathy, which is just a medical term to describe that there may be a problem with your nerves.

A likely underlying cause of this nerve damage would come from diabetes mellitus. Uncontrolled levels of sugar are one of the most dangerous things that we self-inflict on our body. As we consume more and more sugar, it becomes impossible for our body to produce enough insulin to keep sugar levels in normal reference ranges and eventually, patients begin to have unprocessed sugar circulating their bloodstream. This sugar acts as a toxin and begins to damage everything it comes in contact with. This can be both blood vessels and nerves and once the damage starts, it is impossible to reverse. If patients are unable to control their levels of sugar even after being diagnosed with diabetes, nerves will become more and more damaged and patients will begin to lose feeling in their arms and legs. Control your sugar if you have diabetes to avoid this fate! 

Another possibility that could be causing the numbness and heaviness in your arms and legs could also be secondary to nerve damage. In this condition, however, sugar is not the underlying cause; it would be from your own immune system. Numerous autoimmune pathologies are possible that entail the body attacking itself. Without therapy, nerves will become more and more damaged so make sure you consult with a neurologist if you notice this prolonged weakness in your arms and legs. 

Just because you feel numbness in your arms and legs, it doesn’t mean that you have something as serious as the first two possibilities. They are very common conditions in modern society and it is far better to have you consider those opens first and go to a doctor rather than ignore it out of fear. Electrolyte imbalances are also quite common occurrences and you may feel fatigued after an intense exercise, a night of drinking or an improper diet. Potassium and sodium are essential elements to make sure our nerves are conducting as efficiently as possible and when levels are lower than required, you will start to notice weakness, cramping, and numbness in your arms and legs. Ensure you have a balanced diet to make sure that you have sufficient levels of this element and minimize the drinking to avoid losing too many electrolytes. 

You may also be suffering from muscle fatigue. After a long day on your feet or carrying bulky items, muscles may feel weaker due to a lack of conditioning. If you find that you are fatigued at the end of the day, try to get some rest and see if the problem resolves the next morning. You can prevent this by trying to routinely get some exercise to keep your muscles energized and strong. A simple alteration like walking 30 minutes a day after dinner is all you would need to notice the benefits. 

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