I had a surgical abortion 30days ago to date. I had to go out of the country to get it done and there was no post appointment visit suggested or scheduled. I was and am clueless about after care. My boyfriend and I began having intercourse a week or so afterwards. We used condoms but last week there was a malfunction and I took the morning after pill as a precaution (which I needed a prescription for so it was taken a few days later). I went to the doctor in my country to get a prescription for depo provera which he said he would administer on the first day of my period. (Unaware of my termination) However I realised that it may take weeks before I get my first period (I terminated at 10/11weeks) . If I take depo provera injection now will it be effective or should I wait for the first day of my period as the doctor suggested? I am lost as to the way forward.