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Hi Could you please clarify my sex problem and its bit worrying me a lot here is what happened Hi i and my gf had foreplay on 28th March 9:00 PM for first time . in foreplay i got existed and release soon, at the time of fore play we have clothes on us . i already released in my pant. I went for washroom to clean and she did masturbation and she also became wet and she did not clean it After few min we again played fore play for 5 min and this time i tried to wear condom at that time in hurry i was trying to wear condom in reverse so my little pre-cum ( cum is not tht much ) on my tip of penis touch that condom . So removed and wear correctly and cleaned the tip of the condom with cloth and then she is on my top . I tried to give jerks ( 3 times ) to have nice intercourse. i gave 2 jerks soon released the sperm (in condom) in 3 min after inserting and jerking . my gf did not get satisfied yet . she is telling to me do it fast so hard but i already released . Even for that 2 jerks she did not feel anything and did not reach the feel which she used to have when she used to do masturbation We tried same with condom for again it happened same . i penetrate to her and give 2 jerks i used to release sperm soon . She is not getting satisfied and She got disappointment . In this activity she is felt once it touch some point it seems after that nothing as i am releasing soon . she got disappointment as i am releasing soon . Will this be any sex problem for releasing soon . Even when we are in foreplay i used to release soon . Do releasing soon be a problem for sex or pregancy ? Here is my gf cycle Here last cycle first day is 9th Mar and length 32 days , we have this intercourse with condom on 28th Mar night 9pm , when is her ovluate and the time we did intercourse is it safe period Any chance of pregnancy for her ? Could you please clarify these 2 questions


There is a condition called premature ejaculation which causes you to ejaculate really fast. I don't think you have it but your probably ejaculating really fast because your excited and its all new. Most men have to work on holding it to last longer. You can train yourself to not ejaculate fast by masturbating and when you get close to cumming stop and when the urge to cum passes start masturbating again and do this until you burst. Everytime you masturbate keep doing this and you will notice you can go longer before ejaculating. As for her being unsatified you should do other things like oral or finger her until she releases and then have sex so you are both satified.


Women tend to ovulate between 14-18 days after the first day of their menstrual cycle. For example if a girls period was from the 9th - 13th she would ovulate between 22nd - 28th. Every month would vary because stress, health, and other factors can make her ovulate on different days. For example if its a normal month she may ovulate on the 23rd but the next month she may be under tons of stress so she will not ovulate until the 27th. There have been times when a women has become pregnant right after a period or right before a period because an egg was released late or early so you should always use condoms.

Here is a little FYI:

-Sperm can live in open air until the semen dries out killing the sperm. SO if you touched yourself and got semen which contains sperm on your hand and then touch your girlfriends vagina you could transfer the sperm which could cause pregnancy.

-Precum can contain active sperm in most men. Higher amounts of sperm can be found in precum if you recently ejaculated. SO if you decide to try the pull out method or think I will stick my penis in once or twice before putting the condom on you have a higer chance of pregnancy.


If you are confused about anything or have any questions please feel free to ask me.