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So, here's the deal. My GF and i were fooling around, and it went far.

Exactly what happened:

She was giving me a hand job, from my boxers (there was no hand to penis contact) then i moved my penis around (i got a little precum on my hand, but wiped it off) so she could actually touch it. She proceded to continue with the action, but i didn't climax. We just cuddeled for a while (about 5 min), then she wanted me to finger her, so i did.

We stopped for a while, about 7 min, then she went in my pants again. At the same time, i fingered her. I came,he continued to hold on to my penis as i fingered her, then we stopped, and she went to go pee and wash her hands.

While she was in the bathroom, I started to freak out.
Here are some more facts that may help you:

She is a virgin (hymen intact)
I did masturbate in the last 24 hours of this happening (raises chances of sperm being in precum)
And i am also a virgin
---This is the first time either of us have ever done ANYTHING like this, and i feel like i want to explode, please help me!!!!!!!!


If youre worried that she might be pregnant, odds are that she is NOT. But you see how worried you are? I know wearing a condom may not be 'romantic' but it will ease some of your worries. Go buy some condoms and use them. Also buy some spermicides. Condoms are not 100 percent effective. If you guys wanna just have fun and masturbate each other thats great! Go for it. Thats called safe sex. You guys can even experiment/practice with some oral sex. You say you both are still virgins at this point so do everything except penetration. Why not? Its fun! Its also very intimate. Be responsible and buy some condoms anyway. Just in case you two get to the point where you cant take it anymore and you just gotta do it. You'll be prepared. Dont be embarrased either. The cashier who rings up your stuff also has sex and they will think you are being careful. No shame in that. Tell your GF that care about her and you dont want her to worry either about possibly getting pregnant so soon. BTW ejaculating night before doesNOT garantee that you have no sperm. It takes 72 hours for your sperm to regenerate (that could be the wrong word). In other words dont let it fool you, you still have sperm in there, those little guys just arent swimmin as strong. The spermicides will help and you can use them on your hands. Good luck and enjoy yourselves RESPONSIBLY!