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Has anybody got the feeling like they are just viewing their own body going through everyday actions? It feels as if I am watching a film of myself, and my memories seem distant, even of things that happened just hours ago, like they were just dreams or something.

I was taking 50mg Zoloft daily for a year and I am now at 25mg and slowly tapering off of it. Does anyone know if this unreal feeling of reality will get any better?


i have been taking Zoloft .25 for a whole year. im 14 almost 15 and i feel like my whole body and life is going by without me controlling it.



My Dr. prescribed me Zoloft. I havent taken it yet as I am doing research about Zoloft before taking it as prescribed.

Did zoloft actually make you have a better life, happier, etc?
Why did you decide to quit taking zoloft?
Would you recommend others to take Zoloft?

Your answer is highly appreciated.

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