Im 18 yrs old and recently started taking Yaz. This month is my 3rd month taking it. Ive always had regular periods and never missed one. My period would start right on time, or once in a while a day before or after the expected date. This month i have no period what so ever. not even spotting. i was supposed to get it on May 11 and now its May 19th. Ive been reading alot of forums that deal with my situation and learning as much as i can about yaz, but im really scared im pregnant :-( . Is it possible to have your period stop while on yaz? And is it possible that because im not having my period my body is all out of whack? Today i started feeling light headed and nauseous. which is not normal for me. When i started taking the pills i never had any symptoms like this..

Im going to take a pregnancy test tonight because im tired of stressing about this. Hypothetically speaking, if i am negative, can someone help explain why this is happening to me?