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I'm on the Yaz birth control pill and also started to take the Duromine diet about 3 days already ... Do they affect each other ? Can I still having them in the same time ?



I don't think that Yaz and Duromine interact but I do know from experience that the birth control pill tends to make you gain weight.  Duromine should be able to help you counter act that by decreasing your appetite.  You might want to cut back a little on your caloric intake if you see that you are gaining weight.  And, if necessary try exercising on a regular basis.  I wasn't taking an appetite suppressant when I took the birth control pill and initially I gained 20 pounds within the first year.  This was unusual for me because I've always been normal weight all my life.  I did exactly what I'm suggesting to you and that is cut back on calories and exercise.  Fortunately for you, Duromine will help you with weight gain and should keep your weight normal without any real effort.