I have been on yaz for about 6 months now. Just like so many people have stated, for the first month or two everything was great. Other than the severe nausea which is common to all new BC pills, I finally felt like a normal human being again, no longer constantly angry and crying for two to three weeks of every month. As the months went by I slowly have started changing. I can admit that I no longer am PSYCHO..(wanting to just scream at everyone for everything) But I have been so tense and high strung, I cry over everything, I have always been a small person and I have gained about 10 lbs in the past 6 months, I still get very nautious every now and then, I can't sleep well anymore, I feel like nothing in my life is right or worth anything, I have NO sex drive, I have headaches 2 or three times a week, in situations where the stress level should be low my heart will race, and I have been unexplainably miserable for at least a month or two. I am not sure if I can say that all of these things are caused by the pill, but they seem to be common between the other posters. What I can say is that my skin has never looked nicer!!
I am very apprehensive to stop taking it as I have had withdrawl from BC pills before and it is not fun. I would love to take something that would at least take the edge of off my monthly crazies but this is just too much for me. It is month long depression! I would love to be happy with my perfect boyfriend again.