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When it comes to selling and leadership roles, extroverts were once believed to be the top candidate for the job. Current research suggests that those outgoing, social personality traits may have a downside when it comes to leadership positions.

It has long been assumed that selling and leadership roles were primarily dominated by extroverts. And though the sales job market has its fair share of outgoing, people-pleasing personalities, the quieter introvert types are proving to be quite abundant in the field, as are those who fall somewhere in-between the two extremes.

What is an Extrovert

Extroverts are commonly known for being social, outgoing individuals with strong personalities. They enjoy being front and center, basking in the spotlight surrounded by large groups of people. Extroverts become energized when they are surrounded by other people. They prefer to spend time in groups rather than alone, and they often become bored when they do not have others around to keep them company.

What is an Introvert

Introverts are generally regarded as shy, quiet types. Although introverts are comfortable spending time alone and do not seek out large crowds, it is a misconception that they do so because they are shy. Though some introverts are in fact shy, the majority of them do not have the anxious feelings and apprehension around people that accompanies shyness. Introverts prefer to spend their time thinking, engaging in self-thought and introspection, rather than projecting their thoughts into large groups.

What Lies In-Between the Two

Somewhere in-between the extrovert and the introvert lies another personality type that is more representative of most people in society today. 

Ambiverts are individuals who are at neither extreme, but fall somewhere in the middle of the personality spectrum.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with one being an extreme introvert and 10 being an extreme extrovert, ambiverts fall between 4 and 7. Ambiverts can be assertive without being aggressive, they can communicate without dominating the conversation, they are neither too quiet nor too loud.

Leaders Sell, Regardless of Personality Type

From community representatives to corporate administrators to government employees, all leaders are in sales position. If you were to spend a significant amount of time with any type of leader in your community, you will quickly pick up on the fact that they are salesman in every sense of the word. They spend their time pitching their ideas to others, using their power of persuasion to make others see their point of view, and trying to convince other community members of the benefits of seeing things their way. They know when to turn on the charm and when to play hard ball. They can sweet-talk and cajole as needed. The reality is, that regardless of the details of the leadership position, all leaders sell.

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