I gave birth to my son 11 weeks ago (first baby, and I'm 40 years old). Labour was long and I ended up with a ventouse delivery and episiotomy. I lost nearly a litre of blood and suffered severe anaemia. I refused a transfusion.

The watery red lochia stopped at 3 weeks but since then I have had a watery yellow discharge. It is not particularly smelly, but it could be said that it has a greenish tinge - either that or it is quite dark yellow. It is sufficient that I need to wear pant liners night and day. I have had an examination and swab by my doctor which came back clear from infections and she tells me that she has nothing to treat! However, I did not have this before my pregnancy. I have had a normal menstrual period recently but now that it is over, it is clear that the discharge has persisted. What should I do next? Could it be something more sinister?