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I had nose bleeding several times due to Nasal Polyp in my left nostril. Now,

my doctor has done endoscopy last week to remove this polyp.

Now, I am afraid if this nasal polyp re-occurs again.

Please advice homeopathic treatment so that I do not suffer from this

problem again.



OK, here are the homeopathic medicinces according to symptoms.


Category 1

Nose bleeds. Yellow/green discharge. Blood easily drips from polyps

Phosphorus 30, thrice a day


Category 2

Breathing stops on that side of nose on which one is sleeping. Whole nose

blocked due to polyp. More so for rear part of nose.

Teucrium 6, thrice a day


Category 3

Unable to smell. Polyp more on left side. Blood comes out easily of polyp.

Patient cold natured.

Calcarea Carb 30 or 200 thrice a day

NB: This took care of my polyps


Category 4

Polyp along with sinus. Smelly white/greenish discharge from nose.No smell.

Blood drips easily.

Thuja 30 or 200 as mentioned on medicine

NB: I did not have good experience with Thuja. My polyps sort of merged and

balooned up.


Category 5

Polyps on right side. Injuries in nostrils and sheath/cracking dead skin


Costicum 30, thrice a day


Category 6

General polyps in nose. Smelly yellow discharge. Diarrhea after nose is


Sangunaria 30, thrice a day


Category 7

Nose completely blocked. Pain in root of nose and pressure. Dark greening

yellow discharge which pulls like fibre.

Kali Bai 30, thrice a day