Hi everyone - a bit of an embarrassing question, but 'tis life.

I've been dealing with some weird symptoms for awhile now. I've had occasionally diarrhea (maybe twice/week) for the past couple months. I also get a lot of air in my belly and flatulence. 

Lately, I've been noticing a considerable amount of mucous discharge after having a bowel movement. A few times, I have noticed mucous in the toilet (yellow and floating). Other times, I notice that when I wipe, there is a lot of discharge. At first, I thought this could be vaginal discharge but I made sure to wipe beforehand. It's normally clear, maybe sometimes a yellow tinge. 

Along with this, I've also been crippled by fatigue and hair loss. I've also lost quite a bit of weight without much effort. 

Sorry if any of this was TMI, but I figured you've seen it all.

Can anyone clue me in as to what could be causing this? Thanks!