Well me and my partner are trying for a baby. My periods are due the first week of every month normaly around the 5th.. Last month (July) i bled fine had little spottings but thats normal for me.. Its now Augast the 19th and i stil havnt had my period.. Around the 8th i had this pinkish discharge so i decided to do a test it came back negative then i tried again around the 9th.. I then had this light brown on and off spotting which lasted about 2 days.. It had a pink tinge to it..
Iv been getting cramps. Its only been lastnight and today were iv felt really sick i keep heaving.. i cant seem to sleep of a night but pretty tired in the day..
Its a strange sick feeling because its a mix between sicky, bloated and hungry..
I apparently ovulated on the 18th last month but i spotted a little :S
Me and me partner have sex everyday so i havnt missed an ovulation,
Today iv been really emotional keep going hot and cold and this sick feeling is driving me crazy.
I noticed a couple days ago my discharge was sweet smelling but that went and now has came back today. Its very watery (feels like iv just came on but when i look its just discharge) the smell is very very sweet.
I took another test today and it came back negative im so confused.
Sorry everyone for the esssay but i do really need some answers
Will be much appriciated
Thank u