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two nights ago, i started to get a really bad stomach ache and before i went to bed i began to throw up, a lot. Once was done, i know it seems stupid, i went out for ice cream- i only ate a little but i ended up throwing up again, and more than before. I went to bed still with the stomach aches- only to wake up an hour later vomitting, and then i had really watery diahrea. Another hour later i woke up again with the same vomitting and diahrea. After the fourth wake up, i decided to drink water after to help the taste in my mouth but it only led me to wake up soon than the times before throwing up yellow. In total i probably woke up 15 time in the night to throw up and use have diahrea. The next morning (yesterday) i drank some ginger ale and soon after threw that all up too. Although the vomitting hasn't continued, I am still having the same watery diahrea as before, in yellow, greenish, and brown colors- but i probably wouldnt be vomitting much anyway because all i have eaten since is some gatorade. Also, I've been hearing a lot of noise from my stomach, more than probably ever, and the same diahrea and stomach pains continue- right now i'm eating chicken noodle soup, but i'm just having the broth because i ate a few noodles and felt like puking- can someone tell me what's wrong with me?

i'm very sorry but this wasn't meant to be in the pregnancy section and i cannot figure out how to delete it and repost


THAT sounds like a stomach virus!!

Stomach viruses cause vommiting AND Diahhreah!